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Rigging - More Thinking and Thinking

Boat building involves a lot of thinking. When you build a boat almost from scratch a lot of details run through your head. And not only once ....

So our boat is a ketch. A fairly large one - 51ft and displacement is about 25000kg.

I am not a rigging specialist, just an engineer (electrical drives and control) with a desire to a do a lot of stuff myself.

So I have been doing the math following various sources for rigging and generally mechanical engineering. Frankly I did the maths countless times.

Generally in ketch the main mast is and can be a bit shorter than in a same size sloop. This puts less stress to the rig generally.

Because our main mast profile is pretty massive, see photo. I calculated and discussed with rigging experts that our main mast will do fine with one spreader pair.

I did long think about the standing rigging. Stainless steel, AISI 316, or galvanized or dyneema.

I did choose finally the dyneema, because I want to have a rigging that I can repair myself with fairly simple tools. WIth galvanized I could have achieved the same repair flexibility, but then it would have been heavier and at some point corrosion particularly where galvanized touches AISI316 chainplates.

So I ordered Dyneema from this company and started learning to splice. One friendly and really skilled machining expert corrected my first hand made thimbles.

For the running rigging and for boom rigging I will use Nodus Factory components. Great stuff. Soft but really strong. Less noise, because of soft material.

All Nodus Factory products are manufactured in France.

Soon more photos and stories about rigging.

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