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Coming Out into the Daylight - Finally

6+ years and now is the boat finally out of the shed. Not that it could be put on the water. No, we decided this step due to several reasons.

It was a good shed, although the steel sheet roof of the shed was uninsulated so in the winter quite a lot of air did condensate and drop on the boat. And during summer working on the deck was really hot, even with 20oC or so outside. However, our boat insulation did its job, it was nice a cool to work inside the boat.

The process to get the boat out of the shed was a bit tricky. The beam of the boat is wider than the shed door. So I had to get a good welder and a guy with a tractor.

All in all it took more than 3 hours to pull the boat with the under boat frame out of the hall.. The frame did not have wheel, only steel tubes which had to be adjusted all the time.

Tricky job, but with the help of great friends like the welder and tractor guy we managed to do the job. Only one 50cm long scratch on the port side. Easy to fix.

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