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These are some of the books we recommend for skippers

The Ocean Sailing Yacht

by Donald M. Street

Donald M Street is cruising sailing and racing legend. He sailed with his yawl “Iolaire” many many decades and wrote numerous books helping sailors to plan better their boats, improve their boats and sail safely across oceans.
The books series “The Ocean Sailing Yacht” is full of Donald Streets’s ocean sailing experience giving less experienced sailors still today a lot of food for thought and solutions which still should be applied when building or equipping a sailing yacht for bluewater cruising.
Highly recommended to read.


Steel Boat Building

by Thomas E. Colvin

Thomas E. Colvin has build many many yachts in steel and is the authority when it comes to steel yachtbuilding.
Colvin offers in this book series comprehensive advice to any one who wants to plan, build or repair a steel yacht.
A must have on steel boat owner’s bookshelf.

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