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Rigging - More Thinking and Thinking

Boat building involves a lot of thinking. When you build a boat almost from scratch a lot of details run through your head. And not only...

Coming Out into the Daylight - Finally

6+ years and now is the boat finally out of the shed. Not that it could be put on the water. No, we decided this step due to several...

Bootsbau mit Kids

Wir bauen das Boot jetzt schon das sechste Jahr. Unser Sohn war 3 Monate alt, als wir das Boot, bzw. den Rumpf gekauft haben. Seitdem war...

Insulation in a Boat- So Confusing

Steel like aluminum conduct sounds and heat extremely well. So it was clear to us in the beginning that at some point we need to insulate...

Why a Steel Hull?

In this modern world and almost everybody sailing a glass fiber reinforced boats some of our readers could ask why a steel hull. The...


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